Saturday, February 6, 2016

Weekend Links: Buy-Create-Cook

The weekend is here and what better time to get caught up with all those pages you bookmarked throughout the past few days.  Perhaps you'll splurge on something that caught your eye.  Put your crafting skills to test with a new project.  Or how about messing up the kitchen as you prepare a new vegetarian recipe. Sounds fun right?

Welcome to Weekend Links-BUY-CREATE-COOK!  

Here's three things that got my attention recently.

1.  I couldn't resist buying this, a Polaroid Frame Cookie Cutter!

2.  Create your own little collection of garden containers using teacups.

3.  I'm making this on Monday!

Have a great weekend!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Today's Catnap

Today's Catnap takes us to a storefront in Galena, IL.  All That's Vintage graciously allowed us to capture this photograph in their store.

We're anxiously awaiting for Springs arrival.  Although the Winter season hasn't been all that bad some tulips and green grass would be nice.

If you're new to the Catnap series, "thank you" for visiting.  Make sure you check out previous installments here.  If you've been here since day 1, "thanks" for tagging along.

Until the next nap...

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Happy Birthday Alice Cooper! - Concert Photography - Eightymillion Photography

Today the one and only Alice Cooper turned 68!  He continues to pack arenas around the world with his theatrical performances. I had the pleasure of attending his show in Moline, Illinois back in 2014 at the iWireless Center. This was my first time seeing him live.

If you've never been to one of his concerts pick up some tickets today!  Read a little more about Cooper here.  

Here's what I captured from my cell phone.  Enjoy the gallery.

Until the next show...

Friday, January 29, 2016

Hello?'s me!

My vacation (from blogging) lasted a little bit longer than expected, but oh well.  That's life.

I've been busy watching this:

And this:

And this just out today:

Laughter.  I highly recommend a double dose everyday!

Okay, back to business.  Lots of new content is coming your way.  Today's Catnap will return next Friday along with Weekend Links.  Endless DIY projects are lined up and I've decided to bring back my Top 10 List series.  Brace yourself for an inspiration overload.

Looking for blogging and social media tips?  Tips on improving your photography?  All that and more!  So make sure you subscribe over in the right column.  That way you won't miss out on all the fun.

What do you think of my new planner for 2016?  The laptop is already pimped out and I had extra stickers to use up. No digital calendar apps for me.  I prefer pen and paper.

Now please excuse me, I'm going to watch Adele's Carpool Karaoke, again...and again...

Until the next word...

Monday, November 30, 2015

First Midwest Snow

The first snowfall has arrived in the Midwest.  As much as I hate Winter it was cool to watch and of course photograph.  

This post is over a week late and the snow is already melted.  Rest assured there is more coming.

Enjoy the gallery.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Today's Catnap

Today's Catnap by Eightymillion Photography

Cooler temps have arrived here in the Midwest.  My boyfriend and I are NOT a big fan of Winter and all that comes with it.

This is one of the last images we captured before our first snowfall landed.  It's very cold and damp outside and there will be more snow to come.

Therefore we have decided to continue this blog series throughout the Winter months using images we haven't shared yet.  Because realistically, who takes a catnap outside in the Winter?

Come Spring of 2016 we'll be back out there!  On the pavement, in the grass, and wherever else the project takes us.  Thanks for following along.

If you're new to the series start here.  And then visit the entire collection of photos here.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Today's Catnap

The Fall colors are changing fast!  Grab your camera and go on a photo safari.

Or...find a nice cozy spot and take a catnap.

New to the series?  Click here to view the entire collection.

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